For cold rooms and freezers

Floor finishes

Floor finishes

Designed and conceived for constant and large loads - at the same time extremely hygienic and non-slip!

The thickness and composition of the cold room floor is basically determined by the required load values, hygiene requirements, process conditions and legal regulations. Whichever choice you make, all of our Pfeuffer floors have one thing in common: they are designed for heavy, durable use. Depending on the requirements, the floor elements are given a stainless steel top layer of 0.7 mm to 3.0 mm. A stable, thick pressure distribution plate incorporated into the floor element protects the PUR foam from deformation and damage.

Non-slip surface

Legislation requires high to very high slip resistance in the cold room, depending on the place of use. The requirements R11 / R12 / R13 can all be met.

Floor designs, loads

Our Pfeuffer standard stainless steel floor is suitable for all walk-in cold rooms that are accessed by dish and serving trolleys and a maximum total weight of 100 kg. If the room is to be loaded or driven on with large loads, particularly robust designs with sheet thicknesses of 2.0 mm to 3.0 mm are possible. Depending on the area of application (or high humidity / alternating temperatures from -55°C to + 35°C), the floor plate can also be designed as a trough. In order to obtain a guaranteed joint-free floor, we weld the element joint on site for the reinforced floor designs on request.

Cold rooms "without" floor with connection profile

For coldrooms without a floor, the wall elements are fastened to the on-site floors with a U-profile made of sheet steel.

Underfreeze protection

To prevent damage, freezer cells that are operated permanently in sub-zero temperatures must be protected against frost and moisture. This can be remedied by special plastic rings under the cell floor, which allow continuous ventilation. Alternatively, the use of an electric anti-freeze heater is ideal for protecting the cell.

VACompact cell bottom

If the construction site requires very thin floor heights with consistently high insulation properties, the proven VAKompakt floor elements are suitable. With a maximum installation height of 60 mm, they allow the realization of deep-freeze rooms with a room temperature of -25°C.