For cold rooms and freezers

Walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings

The installation of the cold room is possible anywhere, as the assembly is carried out from the inside.

Our cold storage cell consists of individual walls, ceilings and floor panels, which are connected on site simply, securely and accurately using the proven tongue and groove system. The quick and easy assembly or disassembly of the individual cell parts is guaranteed by the proven tongue and groove system. The foamed-in eccentric turnbuckles serve as an optimum connection system. The elastic sealing strip on each side reliably seals and thus prevents even the smallest energy loss. The installation of the cold room is possible anywhere, as the assembly is carried out from the inside.

Interior: Rigid PUR foam, currently the best insulating material.
Exterior: sheet steel in a variety of finishes and designs.

Currently, the optimum thermal insulation is provided by rigid polyurethane foam, or PUR for short. Since cold energy is many times more expensive to generate than heat energy, insulation is the key to saving costs. Optimum insulation ensures that the cold room remains consistently cold, with permanently low energy costs.

Other features of PUR: free of toxic outgassing, odorless, insensitive to chemicals, fungi and microbes. In the proven tongue and groove system, the built-in eccentric tension locks ensure a precisely fitting, quick assembly of the individual elements.

Strengths & Insulation Properties

Depending on requirements, various wall thicknesses are available, which means that all required temperature ranges can be covered. For extreme temperature differences, it is recommended to reinforce the insulation with additional vacuum insulation. Pfeuffer sandwich elements also have the fire protection requirements - tested safety of fire classes B3 to B1.

Insulation thickness / temperature range

PUR 80 mm-2 °C+60 °C
PUR 100 mm-25 °C+60 °C
PUR 120 mm-40 °C+60 °C
PUR 150 mmup to -45°C


Refrigeration cells have to meet a wide range of requirements in terms of hygiene, robustness and appearance. In order to meet all requirements, we have put together a comprehensive selection of different surfaces. The desired solution for your Pfeuffer cold room is also included!