Floor surfaces

Configured and designed for permanent and heavy loads while being extremely hygienic and slip resistant!

The thickness and composition of the cold storage room floor is generally based on the required level of stress, hygiene requirements, process conditions and legal provisions. No matter what choice you make, all our Pfeuffer floors have one thing in common: They are designed for heavy, long-term use. Depending on the requirements, floor elements are outfitted with a stainless steel surface layer ranging from 0.7 mm to 3.0 mm. A stable, thick pressure distribution plate integrated in the floor element protects PUR foam against deformation and damage.


Unterlüftung Kunststoffringe


Slip-resistant surface

Depending on the place of use, the law requires high or very high levels of slip resistance in cold storage rooms. Requirements R11/R12/R13 are all fulfilled.


Floor surfaces, loads

Our Pfeuffer standard stainless steel floor is suitable for all walk-in cold storage rooms that are traversed by crockery trolleys and serving trolleys up to a maximum total weight of 100 kg. If the room will be loaded or traversed with greater levels of stress, particularly robust designs with sheet thicknesses of 2.0 mm to 3.0 mm are possible. Depending on the area of implementation (or high humidity/changing temperatures from -55°C to +35°C) the floor panel can also take the form of a trough. To guarantee a gap-free floor, we can weld the element joints on site for reinforced floor designs on request.


Cold storage rooms “without” floor with installation profile

For cold storage rooms without a floor, the wall elements are attached to the existing floor with a U-profile made of sheet steel.


Frost heave protection

To prevent any damage, provisions must be made to protect against frost and moisture for deep-freeze rooms that are operated at sub-zero temperatures. To redress this situation, special plastic rings can be placed under the room floor to create continuous ventilation on site. As an alternative, an electric frost heave prevention heater is optimally suited to protect the room.


VAKompakt room floors

If the construction site requires extremely thin floor heights at consistently high insulating properties, proven VAKompakt floor elements are suitable options. With a maximum installation height of 60 mm, they facilitate the implementation of deep-freeze rooms with a room temperature of -25°C.

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