Walls and ceilings

Cold storage rooms can be installed anywhere, since assembly is carried out from the inside.

Our cold storage rooms consist of individual walls, roofs and floor panels that are connected on site in a simple, secure and custom-fit manner using the proven tongue-and-groove system. Rapid and simple assembly and disassembly of individual room components is guaranteed thanks to the proven tongue-and-groove system. An ideal connecting system is provided thanks to foamed eccentric tension locks. The elastic sealing strip on each side provides a reliable seal and prevents even the slightest loss of energy. Cold storage rooms can be installed anywhere, since assembly is carried out from the inside.




Interior: PUR rigid foam, currently the best insulator there is.

Exterior: sheet steel in a variety of surfaces and designs.


The latest optimal heat insulation is ensured by polyurethane rigid foam, referred to as PUR for short. Since cooling energy is many times more expensive to generate than thermal energy, insulation is the key to saving costs. Optimal insulation guarantees that your cold storage room will remain cold at low long-term energy costs.

Additional qualities of PUR: free of toxic emissions, odour-neutral, resistant to chemicals, fungi and microbes. Using the proven tongue-and-groove system, incorporated eccentric tension locks allow for custom-fit, fast assembly of individual components.


Thickness & insulating properties

Depending on your requirements, various wall thicknesses are available to cover all necessary temperature ranges. For extreme temperature differences, it is recommended to reinforce the insulation with additional vacuum insulation. Pfeuffer sandwich components also comply with fire safety requirements: proven safety in fire classes B3 to B1.


Insulation thickness/Temperature range

PUR 80 mm -2 °C +60 °C
PUR 100 mm -25 °C +60 °C
PUR 120 mm -40 °C +60 °C
PUR 150 mm to -45°C

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Cold storage rooms are subjected to a wide variety of requirements when it comes to hygiene, resilience and appearance. To meet all needs, we have put together a comprehensive selection of various surfaces. Your desired solution for your Pfeuffer cold storage room is one of them!

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